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Fine Jewelry Care

To ensure that your new piece will be worn and loved for years to come, here are some basic jewelry care tips.

General Care

Remove all jewelry when doing tasks that might scratch, stress or damage the piece, such as washing dishes, gardening, and going to the gym. We also recommend removing jewelry to sleep, as delicate pieces may catch on bedding.

Harmful Products

Keep your jewelry away from cosmetics, hairsprays, make-up, lotions or any products that can cause build-up. Always keep rubies and emeralds away from water as these stones are delicate and may have resin or wax. Opals are porous and delicate and should be kept from water and extreme heat.


To avoid tangles and nicks, store necklaces hanging or in individual small plastic zip seal bags. Keep the clasp out of the zipped area, so it does not get tangled. You can also keep rings and smaller pieces in individual bags when not being worn. Store earrings and backs locked together in pairs so they are easier to find.

Gold + Silver

Gold and silver pieces can tarnish when stored for a long period of time without being worn. To keep simple gold pieces clean and polished, use a jewelry polishing cloth. Rub the piece carefully to release the embedded cleaning agent. Do not use polishing cloths on delicate chains as they might snag or break.


Diamonds on open settings tend to get dirty quickly. We recommend cleaning them 2-3 times a year. To do this, fill a shallow container (a teacup works well) with hot water. Add a drop of mild hand soap and a bit of Windex (or similar glass cleaner). Immerse the ring and let it sit for 5 minutes. Before removing the ring from the bath, swish it around. Once removed, rinse with plain water and tap dry with a cotton cloth. Try to avoid touching it with your fingers to reduce fingerprints. Please note this method is for cleaning diamonds only.


We do our best to accommodate repair requests, but based on stones or designs, not all rings can be resized. For details and a quote, please email us at with specific information about your request.


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